Time to re-shelve

The books don’t re-shelve themselves and if they did they are doing a poor job.

It has  been in the last 10 years that I have had dedicated bookshelves.  Dedicated to books, and I feel very lucky that I can pull and read and put back maybe not lend (that was covered on another day).

Today I just couldn’t stand looking at the state of the shelves.  Sideways on top of others, not with ones by the same author. I am definitely not a colour coded book girl but I do like the non-fiction together, the novels together and on.

It isn’t even that I have a huge selection of books , more like an eclectic stash. But, it does make me feel at peace with my world when books are where they should be or at least where they should be for now.

Others might be out running a 5 K , vacuuming or looking for regular employment, I am blogging and reading and re-shelving, (two Rs and a B)

A secondary benefit to this exercise is that I find books that I want to re-read or that have a bookmark – somewhere in the middle that I forgot about.

It does create a small sidetrack , another stack is born just until I can go through and see if they should be back on the to be read pile or the to be read today pile or to the thrift store pile.

At some point I will get to reviewing books but, I hesitate to do that as I don’t want to muddy anyone’s perspective but then I am by giving these titles but it’s scary to have an opinion… around the merry go round we go.

So for today at least just the titles that are up for reviewing from my re-shelving this morning.

Mary Kay The Success Story of America’s Most Dynamic Businesswoman By Mary Kay Ash

Warrior of the Light A Manual By Paul Coelho

Regarding the Pain of Others By Susan Sontag

Paris France By Gertrude Stein

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Lend Me a Book

These are the 4 scariest words in the world for me.

Why not say; Let’s jump off a bridge?  Tell me the name of the person you are having an affair with (I am not but, who would tell someone that?) Lend me your first born child.

It can be traumatic but it does happen. From time to time some will ask to borrow a book.  I do lends books but here are my internal voice issues

  1. will I get it back?
  2. will they spill something on it or use Cheetos fingers to turn the pages?
  3. will they lend it to someone else or lose it?

Number 4 probably trumps (no capital t there folks) all of the other concerns. I have covered before that I don’t want people to think I am a snob to read social anthropology books and re-read Flannery O’Connor.  Or that I read Bowling Alone 4 times.

I am just really slow on the uptake.

On the other hand , not a a Dickens fan or Oscar Wilde – the classics although I cull phrase bytes from all of them.  f I read Nora Roberts it’s too main stream romance but if I read Let’s Talk about Kevin that’s really scary.

The second part of this, (yes there is more) The people who are asking for the loan don’t generally want to give up; what kind of books do you like?, where will you be reading it? do you prefer hardcover.

I do lend but I also drink wine.

The samples I pulled from Google books today because of various conversations and social media are;

Discount A Novel By Casey Gray

Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl Wide Eyed Wonder in God’s Spoken World By N.D. Wilson

The Luster of Lost Things a novel By Sophie Chen Keller

The Book of Joy By the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams

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Life can be rough

There have been lots of events in the news the last few days.

Sad, and scary ones.  News that makes me wonder at least ; how far have we come and how far do we have yet to go.

It seems prophetic that I was reading Hannah Arendt all of last week and mixing in some light doses of Eddie Huong. We  have to educate ourselves and balance our diets of grim reality and pleasant reality . Saying that, we still can’t hide from what is happening.

I went to the bookshelf this morning and I guess it was a bit of bibliomancy.  I wanted to see what books attracted my attention for reading on this Monday morning.

Here are the ones I grabbed.  I am not sure if I will re-read them whole hog or just dip my toes in for some inspiration.

Resilience Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts if Facing Life’s Adversities By Elizabeth Edwards

All God’s Children Are Lost, But Only a Few Can Play the Piano Finding a Life That is Truly Your Own By Sheldon Kopp

Stanley Elkin essays Pieces of Soap

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Balanced diet of reading

For the last few days I have been re-reading ; Eichmann in Jerusalem A report on the Banality of Evil By Hannah Arendt.

Even though this is the 3rd time I have read this book, I found myself going back over passages and then forward through a section, backwards to check on a passage to make sure I understood what I had read. It is taking a lot of concentration which is not in and of itself a bad thing.

Truth be told, this books deserves more than one read through . But, the what I found is, I was not able to pick up anything else for thinking about it.  I generally tend to have more than one book or some type of reading material on the go at the same time. Even Flipboard didn’t do it for me, Instagram posts , snippets from Book Review sites.  Nope, back to this book.

I am a fairly quick reader generally but, in 3 days I am on page 124 out of  298 in the paperback edition by Penguin.

Call in the Calvary to balance out this piece reading of history.  Drastic measures were called for, not necessarily fiction; Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, or other romance. No poetry since I ended up looking at Japanese Death poems.

The book I picked, wait for it, it is as far away from Eichmann and his trial as possible.

Fresh Off The Boat Eddie Huang A Memoir.  So far,  lots of expletives, lots of family dynamics and culture issues (not Eddie’s but other people’s). Perfect quick read and then back to this week’s original pick.

Just saying, there has to be some balance in my reading diet.

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Odd Jobs

I think any job that is not 9-5 can seem odd.  But then again, if you work on an oil rig or as a firefighter, 9-5 can seem odd.

I started a book yesterday called;  The Empathy Exams By Leslie Jamison

It is a series of essays but the first one and the one I had to re-read was that Ms Jamison worked as a medical actor to act out diseases for medical students.  There is much more to this book in the other essays (letting you know that it is a good read)  but for my subject today.. odd jobs

I can memorize things so maybe I could be a medical actor


Running The Books The Adventures of an Accidental Prison Librarian By Avi Steinberg

And a totally different not I love the photo book by Philippe Halsman called Jump Book

His job was to take photos of people jumping – so fun

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