Deepish waters


I am not sure why some reading days are fun mystery romps (okay maybe I won’t go that far ) but, other days are looking into the soul of the world (okay we’ll ramp that back a tiny bit too)

The obsession this week was with ; Mrs Beasley the doll from the 70s TV show Family Affair, the sad death of David Cassidy and somehow I ended up on the weekend with the book stack;  Justice, Gandhi and The Message ( lay person’s bible). Woa! Polyester sweetness to world soul in one swipe.

But, isn’t that the beauty of reading and searching and not being afraid to put things down and pick them up again?  We won’t even touch on how many copies I have of Experiments in Truth (this has been mentioned by me at nauseum).

Let’s push the envelope in even another direction, I am thinking a cookbook for Christmas.

Nigella is the only one I can think of off hand but I have loved perusing her cookbooks for years and a schmo (like me ) in the kitchen can actually successfully make her recipes.

The pendulum swings with the joy of reading.  I guess I could ask instead of ‘What’s in Your Wallet?’ what’s on your reading list?

Just keep reading.


Obsessed with book drops

I am obsessed I have to admit with why it is so unnerving for people to leave books in public places.

I have said it before and it is still a philosophical question that bugs the you know what out of me.  Not because I want to judge people but, because I want to know why.. why can we donate books, lend books, have mobile libraries but we can’t leave a book in a public spot hoping that someone will find it and take it home?

I do have a dozen souls helping me leave books in public spots and I know there are book droppers in other cities and countries – so why are people so unnerved by the idea?

If I said I wanted to open an Info Shop ( free reading material for anyone that dropped by) If I said I dropped off books at the local thrift store or shelter, no problem but when I tell people I have left a book or two (or perhaps more ) on park benches and at bus stops , I get the look.

You know the look that your mother would give you when you said you didn’t eat the last cookie, or you are not dating the boy that they don’t approve of…

I think I will have to drop off more books in more places and get prominent people to drop books and maybe we can break the back of this.

Reading is not a bad thing and sharing reading should always be good. End of rant but not end of leaving books in public spots.

Just keep reading


A little obsessed

Fair warning,  I am a little obsessed.  I get that way sometimes.  I have 3 copies of Gandhi’s Experiments in Truth, 2 copies of Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness and now I am laser focused on Tom Wilson’s ; Beautiful Scars.  My book obsessions are pretty far reaching.

I don’t live in Hamilton and never have but I live close and I am close to Mr Wilson’s age.   He writes it like he sees it and I think that’s why I was a fan of Junkhouse and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings even though my other musical tastes are way down deep int eh middle of the road.

Beautiful Scars is a short book in the scheme of things and there is nothing remotely sugar coated about it but, it strikes a huge chord.  The book came out on the 21st of this month and I am not far enough away from it to be out of the honeymoon stage but, I am sure I will circle back in a month or 2 and buy a few more copies for friends and acquaintances and spread the Hammer town, Tom Wilson story.

Ok, book crush over and out – until next time

keep reading


Mind Blown

Image result for open source graphic of mind blown

On a regular basis I have been known to whine ; too many books, not enough time. And, people are always writing more !!!! I will never catch up.

Even if I stop reading something that is so so to me and shelve it for something else.  These last few weeks have felt like the spigot is turned on and greedy as I am , I can’t stop collecting books, reviews for books, samples of e books and …I have other things to do besides books.

Showering, speaking intelligently to other people, earning some type of income .. those kind of things.

So today, just to try to stem the flow  in the form of a list, this is just a list and I may have to lock myself in a cabin in the woods to get even slightly caught up , – no catching up but, maybe not swimming full steam into the torrent everyday

Is there a Book Loves Anonymous?  No reading for me, I don’t like other people’s opinions about books so much, I don’t want to be ‘forced’ to read something becuase the group does but a full on huge blackboard with lists, and lists and maybe trading books – nirvana

I am totally off kilter;

Here is a list

I am waiting for Beautiful Scars by Tom Wilson to come out Nov 21st.  Hate, hate knowing about the book but no chance of previews or getting it right when I want it (no instant gratification here.

Today’s List

City of God By Sara Miles

Loitering New and Collected Essays By Charles D’Ambrosio

The True Believer By Eric Hoffer

Scars of Sweet Paradise The Life and Times of Janis Joplin By Alice Ech

Words In Deep Blue By Chris Crowley

Falconry By Jemma Parry-Jones (damn PBS channel got me hooked on falcons)

Shakespeare After All By Marjorie Garber


keep reading

How Much Failure Can Someone Take

I just finished the book; Find A Way.  The memoir by Diana Nyad.

While I loved it, it’s a hard book to get behind.  She failed her dream feat 4 times!  These are not little failures.  They cost her and her friends and supporters, financially, mentally, physically you name it.

She had to be a tough SOB all her life to survive and she did.  If the reader is looking to get into pj’s and have warm cocoa with her , not so much and she wouldn’t know what to do with that scenario anyway.

I am glad I finished the book – and I don’t always finish books these days and it made me look at my life and go -WIMP.

So you don’t have the whatever of your dreams – go and grab it and if it doesn’t come to you keep grabbing.

None of this namby , pamby , it’s not meant to be bull crap. Take what you want is my terminology for Ms Nyad’s find a way.

Course when I finished the book I picked up a softie toffee – YA read

Words In Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Just taking a breath and then I’ll work on my stroke and attain my dreams

keep reading