A little shot of mystics

I have been a lot about ‘real life’ lately and while the books are excellent;

Nomadland By Jessica Bruder

Born With a Junk Food Deficiency By Martha Rosenberg

and mix in the The Lives of The Twelve Ceasers by Suetonius

Don’t ask my why my reading list is what it is but I needed a break.

Hence Ram Dass.

The old 70s Ram Dass.  The one where to cover of my paperback went missing years ago, the back cover is serving as a placeholder in mid book and I don’t lend it.

The book is the Only Dance There Is

I can’t even share a passage as I have spent 20 minutes dipping into the book and forgot to write anything down.

The sign that this book is here on the right day.

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Dysfunction Junction



I am an avid thrift store book junkie.  You just never know what book will pop up that you wouldn’t find in a regular chain bookstore.

Sometimes the dysfunction of the people in the book might be why I never saw it on the best seller list.  Some of these true stories can be hard to take.

I know Grey Gardens the documentary had a following and I was so curious about those ladies and dug up newspaper articles etc… but it’s tough when there is no fairy tale , save the day ending. we sill look.  Like a car wreck I guess.

Which brings me to the book of this week.


the secret life of The Lonely Doll The Search for Dare Wright By Jean Nathan

Woa, talk about dysfunctional parenting.  This book has it in spades.  Abuse in the form of mental deprivation, who should not have children, and more- all here.

The fact that Dare wrote books about the Lonely Doll is additionally disconcerting -(I haven’t seen those books in person yet) but, if you read her story your teeth might actually hurt.

This book by Jean Nathan good read if you want to remind yourself that you survived your childhood, high school, the drama of life but, it’s a tough one.

It reminded me of; My Journey to Forgiveness Comes the Peace by Daja Wangchuck Meston.  Also a tough one.  Also, the mother in this non-fiction story would never get parent of the year or even parent of the once in a blue moon.

Below is the photo again from the book of the lonely doll and her two bear friends. I think I had to post it twice because it has a Twilight Zone feel.

Not sure if I am allowed to post photos from the book but, they can be removed if anyone says – REMOVE.



Whether you after a simple Sunday read or one that takes deep breathing to get through

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Love thy neighbour as thyself

Woa, that’s a tough one.

I can love some neighbours all the time, some neighbours some of the time but, there are those neighbours… You can’t pick your neighbours but, do you have to love them? How does tolerate sound? I don’t like myself some days, does that count towards loving neighbours like I love myself?

It’s a bit of a struggle if I really take this thought seriously and try to apply it specifically to the neighbour that I grind my teeth when I see or that I curse (under my breath) because of something they have done or I thought they have done.

The only solution is to go through the book shelves.

These books I would say are religious and real-igious at the same time.

Jesus Freak by Sara Miles

Accidental Saints  Finding God In All The Wrong Places by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Both Nadia Bolz-Weber and Sara Miles admit that they don’t love everyone even though they are in Christian church families.  They just keep staying in their pitching.

The voices of both of these authors are very accessible and they are fallible , real . You can read them through at one sitting or pick them up and put them down as I have done trying to figure out if I can ever get past my ranking of neighbours on the scale of how friendly I am to hem.


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I am making this a word (or at least I think it should be a word).

Wise women trying to be kind to others but , not taking any s@#8t from anyone including ourselves.

She is acting in a crone-ish manner. 

A little awkward in the phrasing but, I like it.

I have friends from the whole spectrum but, I think the women I know of an age that are wonderful as far as I see , struggle with self -acceptance from time to time. pressures to succeed (what is success really)?  And with those judgmental twerps who let  you know that you didn’t quite use your iPhone correctly or order your coffee in such a way he could understand. I am using twerps but, feel free to fill in your own blank.

A woman can stand up and be proud to be Crone-ish.

Crone is not a four letter word (which should automatically let it out from being a bad or negative word).

There are many examples of wonderful crones in the public eye.  In the book world I thought I would name a few and at least one of their books.

Joan Didion – Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Annie Leibowitz – At Work

Susan Sontag – Regarding the Pain of Others

Diana Athill- A Memoir Instead of A Letter

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Insomniac City

I didn’t think this would be on my reading table to be honest but, I can’t get enough of it.

Bill Hayes wrote this about living in New York and also being in a relationship ( and deep love) with Oliver Sacks.

I haven’t posted for a bit on the blog because I keep going backwards and forwards through this one book.  Doesn’t Mr Hayes realize that I usually have a stack of reading on the go!!!

There are so many little tidbits and pieces that I want to parse out for quoting but, what means something to me won’t mean the same to you so just go out and get it.

Even if you think it is not for you, it probably is.

On a totally separate note; I love Mark Forsyth’s book; The Elements of Eloquence and so on a cheery note I have suggested to a friend that we should read; A Short History of Drunkenness

Cin cin

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