A good idea never fades


There is always a lot of chatter about the newest way of living that will improve life, de stress a person and be the golden ticket.

It was The Art of Tidying Up and now the Danish way of Hygge, and I am sure there are many more.  I was sure I had seen all of these things in various forms in my own stacks.

I first pulled out Ram Dass’ The Only Dance There Is.  Such a favourite that it no longer has a cover (which had great 60s artwork ) and some of the most read pages are just tucked in and no longer bound.  It’s a great touchstone book but the one that seemed to touch on the theme is The Art of Living.  Epictetus Interpreted by Sharon Lebell.

Just as a tidbit here is a section of the book under; Be Suspicious of Convention

“Just as we must clean, order, and maintain our homes to move forward with anything; we need to do the same with our minds.  For not only do we risk inefficiency by failing to do so, we invite our soul’s very corruption.  A disorganized, foggy soul is dangerous, for its vulnerable to the influence of better organized but unsavoury influences.

Trust nothing and nobody but yourself.  Be ceaselessly watchful over your beliefs and influences.”

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How NOT to make a book drop

In the summer  of last year I started rallying a small group from across Canada to drop books in public places for people to read.  The books are left with a simple bookmark  that essentially says;  this not an accident, this book was left for you to read and pass on to others by the bookwyches.

There is no contact information on the bookmark or in the book flyleaf.  We are not looking for new BFFs or, to have someone let us know that;  leaving a book in a public spot is littering or that books in open spaces look forlorn (believe me I have heard lots of interesting takes on feelings about book drops).   Sharing is caring and that’s what our small band does through gently read books left in public spaces.

 I am against the dumping of books.

I recently visited a friend and in a pretty public space ,(indoors) someone had left two huge plastic bags of books.  Please, person that did this:  Respect the books and the space of the people that frequent that area.

There was no note with the bags saying;  please take one, my significant other is making me do this or something else that would make me feel kindly to them.  The books were essentially mashed in the bag and they were dumped so it become someone else’s problem.

Respect the book, and other people.

Leave books in public spots for a nice surprise and a secret gift but please, DO NOT DUMP. Book dumping is a negative act  and you are not encouraging anyone to read.

Rant over.

Enjoy your reading and if you would like some bookwych bookmarks mailed to you, message me directly with your mailing address or email and I will send you some.

Happy reading.

Never really thought much of Shakespeare

For some reason in all my schooling and book hoarding I considered Shakespeare – okay in fact kind of bleh.

Thee, thou, tho – plot twist!!!

I have stumbled on many fiction and not fiction books that mention this or that work and whether Shakespeare wrote something or someone else did.

We can put a big ETC… right about here.

This week however I picked up a  Shakespeare bound book that was I think a grandparent’s, so there’s that.  A little  warm fuzzy over who had read it before me and now the punch line.

I am entrenched in a Mid Summer’s Night Dream.  Back and forth.  Who is puck again?  Who got the wrong potion?  Which characters are practicing for a play and which are in the wood.  Fairies, people, actors – oh my.

At least for this Shakespeare play I admit to being hooked.

What can I say

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Deepish waters


I am not sure why some reading days are fun mystery romps (okay maybe I won’t go that far ) but, other days are looking into the soul of the world (okay we’ll ramp that back a tiny bit too)

The obsession this week was with ; Mrs Beasley the doll from the 70s TV show Family Affair, the sad death of David Cassidy and somehow I ended up on the weekend with the book stack;  Justice, Gandhi and The Message ( lay person’s bible). Woa! Polyester sweetness to world soul in one swipe.

But, isn’t that the beauty of reading and searching and not being afraid to put things down and pick them up again?  We won’t even touch on how many copies I have of Experiments in Truth (this has been mentioned by me at nauseum).

Let’s push the envelope in even another direction, I am thinking a cookbook for Christmas.

Nigella is the only one I can think of off hand but I have loved perusing her cookbooks for years and a schmo (like me ) in the kitchen can actually successfully make her recipes.

The pendulum swings with the joy of reading.  I guess I could ask instead of ‘What’s in Your Wallet?’ what’s on your reading list?

Just keep reading.

Obsessed with book drops

I am obsessed I have to admit with why it is so unnerving for people to leave books in public places.

I have said it before and it is still a philosophical question that bugs the you know what out of me.  Not because I want to judge people but, because I want to know why.. why can we donate books, lend books, have mobile libraries but we can’t leave a book in a public spot hoping that someone will find it and take it home?

I do have a dozen souls helping me leave books in public spots and I know there are book droppers in other cities and countries – so why are people so unnerved by the idea?

If I said I wanted to open an Info Shop ( free reading material for anyone that dropped by) If I said I dropped off books at the local thrift store or shelter, no problem but when I tell people I have left a book or two (or perhaps more ) on park benches and at bus stops , I get the look.

You know the look that your mother would give you when you said you didn’t eat the last cookie, or you are not dating the boy that they don’t approve of…

I think I will have to drop off more books in more places and get prominent people to drop books and maybe we can break the back of this.

Reading is not a bad thing and sharing reading should always be good. End of rant but not end of leaving books in public spots.

Just keep reading