To be a book wych or not to be

A few months ago I started to leave a few nearly new books in public spaces around my neighbourhood.

I paper clipped a little bookmark to the front to let the finder know that this book was left for them to read.  In reaching out to some friends and neighbours I realized how outside of the comfort zone something like this could be.

There were some that said;  sign me up (send me bookmarks) great idea . They had already left books in cafes, or for friends but never in this pseudo ninja covert kind of way.

Then there was, not happening.  It’s like littering.  Hoe do you know who will get the book? How do you know if the book won’t be trashed?

And the third response was; I share with people I know.

So interesting to me.  The responses are maybe more interesting than actually doing it.

I still love my peeps that don’t want to be book wyches. They give to their families and communities in other ways.

Of those participating there has been a spin which is fantastic! Leave the book in a zip lock bag in case of bad weather. Leave the book in my favourite spot , since others go their too.

We have about 11 book wyches currently and that is great. There are other bigger book groups like; bookcrossings,

The more reading , in any way and any weather and if we can share with people we don’t know – I say bonus!!!


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