Zen and The Art of Knitting Socks

Learn to Knit – I said

As with most things we decide to learn this one begins with the pinball action we call life.

Give everything to the job even if you are generating your own target on your back and when they show you the door or at least take your card access I’d
Some may decide to knit socks

That would be me
Seems fairly straightforward. Purchase; needles, yarn and a pattern.

Out of a will to decrease overall life stress I became determined to learn to knit.
And not knit wildly, anything. I needed to concentrate on one thing.
My pick was socks. Being Canadian a toque wouldn’t have been out of line but, socks was it.

Determination, focus and not being afraid to pull the whole damn thing out a time or 2

Working with knitting stitches has become a mantra not unlike; om mani padme hum
Knit 16, slip knit, knit 1 turn
Knit 2 purl 2 – repeat

Success is never immediate or guaranteed. Suffering is part of life as Sylvia Boorstein has written. Can we then suppose that suffering can lead to success?

On to the story of knitting socks

1st pair, the feet don’t match size
2nd pair, the heels look different
3rd pair, I can see where I have dropped or twisted a stitch

Could it really be an unsolvable koan?


Calm, focus


We have socks! (insert photo)
The beauty may be in the imperfection and the fact that you can’t possibly count stitches and watch CNN at the same time.

And so I knit.


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