I married a Non-Reader

How did it happen? Short answer, I have no idea. Only the cosmos can explain.

A confirmed book o manic (not a real word but my only excuse is no thesaurus or dictionary is handy) chose to fall in love with a person who has no interest in books.

The love of my life has NO INTEREST IN BOOKS. That statement required the caps.

My husband is a non-reader because he chooses not to read;
He is Not on social media (sacrilege), does not read magazines, not newspapers and absolutely no books
Strangely he doesn’t live in a yurt or wear undyed hemp clothes but, I digress.

He does read the TV channel menu, every line of the manual for the vacuum cleaner, car manuals.
Reading is the art of discovery, so the above may apply but for this essay let’s say NOT.

I am essentially a reading island almost like the cone of silence on the tv show Get Smart.
The challenge is that as an avid reader there are times I am determined to share what I have read.
Sadly, my partner in life discourages my reading to him snippets that I love Not even catchy titles catch his attention. Discouragement in the form of sighs, questions about dinner plans, turning the TV up a tad louder.

It must be hard for him to be married to a certified book geek.
When I re-shelve books, or bemoan the fraying covers of favourites I could be at the Grand Canyon on a donkey far from home. The echo of my voice deafening.

Any bookish comment by me – no response your honour

Lack of encouragement hasn’t stopped me from surrounding my non-reader with books. The book island lives.

As an island; There are piles behind my living room chair on the stool (no room for tired tootsies) Multiple bookshelves; in the basement 4 , in one bedroom and 2 in the other bedroom

It may seem like too much and I am sure it does to my beloved but, books must be saved, read, shared. The Buddhists might have something to say about my attachment.

Hard cover, soft cover, no cover, books are the next loves of my life after my family and a good red wine

This leads us back again to the question; how did I marry a non-reader?

Simple, I forgot to ask.


2 thoughts on “I married a Non-Reader

  1. My husband likes to read but only if it comes from his phone. But its not even a book from ibooks. Its mostly news or top 10 this and that. I mean he does get some what educated on things he didnt know but reading a fictional story book not gonna happen. He did read one of my books and was hooked on it but after that the desire to pick up another and read left his body. So when I read a book that blew my mind its hard for me to even describe what im feeling inside to him. I guess at the end opposites attract.


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