Throw axes – be a Disney Princess

We can experience all the things that we  want to experience no matter how different they are from each other.

Axe throwing is a hot hot sport right now and I think, in a growth spurt still.
The Disney Princess has been a female icon for years and one that women of all ages either fight against or embrace the sparkle. There is no sacred ground.
This lead to my Ah ha moment
There is the connection. No middle ground. Be all that you want to be. Do all that you want to do.
Throw the axe – it’s gone from your hand – CRACK into a target.
Channel the Disney Princess – all is well with the world; the woes of regular life have gone POOF like the pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight.
Guess what? In both scenarios, there is control.
It’s not surprising really that in both scenarios there is thoughtful action. Throw the axe, hit the target. The target could be envisioned as; boss, spouse, ex-friend, highway driver in the next lane.
Throw the axe – get peace

Get your sparkle on – slay the dragon, save the universe – achieve peace
Strangely, can you see where I am going?
These things match up.

Unicorn Frappuccino and Hipster Blundstones, on we go.

Embrace the strangeness of it.


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