Nothing Against Oprah

Okay let me re-type that

Nothing against Oprah and here we’ll put in….but….

I used to have a thing against Oprah’s book club.  Too main stream? Inherent seal of approval? Wal Mart ish?  The cult of Oprah? (no offense)

Never having received a gold star in school from my teachers so maybe I am holding against Oprah. There might not be a clear answer but, when I see the Oprah sticker on a book or Heather’s pick if you are in Canada, back it goes , back to the shelf , not for me.

I don’t even pick these when I got to a thrift store , talk about me being a book snob.

I did read a Million Little Pieces which lead to My Friend Leonard which lead to Bright Shiny Morning but, I  would like to think I found James Frey before Oprah and before the        hoo haa about what is real and what is not.

Have you read John D’Agata’ s About a Mountain ?  Great read.  I am 99.9% sure Mr D’Agata hasn’t been an Oprah pick.

If James Joyce’s A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was to be a book club choice I wouldn’t read it which would be a shame.  I did read it and one that might be under the radar;   The Feminists Go Swimming by Michael Collins (the only relationship here is they are both Irish)  And this is not the Michael Collins of the IRA.

That might be the anti-magnetism to Oprah.  The thrill of finding a gem that not everyone has read and that I can share with friends.

Okay, it looks like I am a smug book pirate.  I bet there are more people like me.



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