How I learned to love laundry

Like it or leave it (for someone else)
For years I begrudged doing the laundry, carrying the basket, sorting, you name it
– doing laundry sucked.
It’s still not as enjoyable as reading or snacking but, I have gotten around to the idea that it might be a chance to dis engage from my sometimes-crazy urban life.
Jack Kornfield wrote a book (way more than 1) but ,this one is titled;
First the Ecstasy and Then the Laundry
Light bulb moment – A person can try and try to be in the zone, not let anything bother them, not check social media – be serene (and patting themselves on the back about the achievement maybe)

Real life happens and you get pissed off, tired out, resentful. There goes all of the efforts you put into not being attached.
Vicious cycle or just life.
Like a lot of people , I try to work on myself, be positive, let that person who is humphing and hawing in the line go in front and then real life – someone put the rainbow socks in with the white dress shirts.
Could I really accept laundry as a meditation practise? Cheaper than a yoga studio, laundry as a teaching moment hmmm set steps by rote when I am not thinking anything else
Sort the clothes
Put in the detergent
Load the washer
Take from washer to dryer
Turn on the dryer
Unload clothes
Put away
Sorta dull, very straight forward, certainly not exciting but, this makes the laundry something  out of the realm of the emotions I had attached to it – maybe

RESENTFUL of laundry …anyone???

Gather ye laundry into Zen practice and out of pissing me off because it’s wrecking my calm state

When you are eating just eat
When doing laundry just do laundry
When you are done meditating, getting your s#$t together, do laundry like everyone else
Still one more load to do today, can we talk about how towels take forever?….


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