It’s all in the name and the place

What is in a name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ (kudos to Shakespeare) There seems to be a big deal about how we name or label things. Example; mid century vintage furniture plays a lot better than my parent’s couch that they were getting rid of.

A Calvin Klein vintage pair of corduroy pants might sell for $200 on Etsy (and they as comfy as sin) but if I tell someone I got this CK item from the local Sally Ann, it is inevitably heard; Did you wash it? Or What’s wrong with it?

Going to thrift stores and picking through the piles is a treasure hunt.  Not for the faint of heart. Sometimes mustiness, over takes or zealous shopper’s elbows. If you can accept the lack of plan o grams and the teeny fitting rooms who wouldn’t want a Leather Jacket suitable worn in?

I love the box that we are all in together.  Or I should say I really love trying to poke holes in the box.

More examples

I grew these tomatoes in a pot on my patio – That’s nice

Look at these heritage tomatoes I got from the (insert fancy food store name)- Wow gorgeous

Come on you know you’ve done it.

Nothing wrong with Amazon or the local mall I am just loving the labelling that makes an item or an activity cool and what label makes it uncool.

Even cool and uncool is dating myself, maybe I am coming back into style?

Name it.


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