Breakfast club

I think it was in the 80’s that the movie Breakfast Club was on. Highschoolers in detention basically.

Lately I have been thinking that my friends and I should have a breakfast club just to ensure that we touch base face to face and not just as a friend request.  Re-connect.

There is always a but with potentially great ideas;

But,  we don’t want to be like the elderly men that meet in the morning at the Golden Arches for free re-fills and free papers.

But, we don’t have an ‘in’ at a coffee spot as we are not hipsterish

But, we aren’t , the over aged partyers that have mimosas and need an uber driver to get home (read :  ladies who lunch)

And , the cherry on top , we’re a pretty boring lot.

We do; read, get groceries,  work and or volunteer. Can we have enough to say face to face without emojis or thought of the day?

Hmmm, there could do like a one word exercise and everyone comes up with something on that topic;


okay that wasn’t one word

is FACEBOOK one word?

Time to get out the dictionary I guess and  re-think as a one word exercise doesn’t ensure face to face contact.

Oh, well.  We might end up at the golden arches after all.

One word: MEET



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