Richard Alpert you are my idol

Richard Alpert is not my only idol. I also love;  Patti Smith, Jane Jacobs, Annie Leibowitz and Iris Apfel.

But he is the only man if I made a list of most wanting to meet and have a nosh with.

Richard Alpert has been since the 1970’s Ram Dass.   Book lover that I am, I have read; The Only Dance There Is, Be Here Now, How Can I Help,  Still Here, Paths to God.

I started with the Only Dance There Is and got hooked.  No non- attachment for me.

Ram Dass (after the mushrooms and finding his guru) has taught me basically; we all have ‘stuff’, we are all okay .  Basically that’s it.  And, accept that you are who you are and where you are.

Ram Dass was self help before there was an entire store’s worth of selections of self help books.  Love dabbling into; Tosha Silver, Pema Chodrin and on but, there is a soft spot for this old guy.


Image result for ram dass

That’s all


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