Sunday then Monday

Sunday night is a big downer for me and has been for a number of years.

I practise positivity.  Try to be nice to neighbours, don’t practise road rage, don’t stress about 1st world problems (for the most part)

But Sunday night’s still suck.

Is it because Monday is the beginning of the work week? Is it because I am another week older and haven’t seen a big life change like those promised by; Oprah, The Secret and Anthony Robbins?

Not sure

I do know that chips and dips and red wine (the go to comfort food and bevy) is not enough.

Monday is bright and shiny as a new penny and my to do list is getting worked on but…

Sunday nights… well I already beat that to death

For fun last night, I pulled out some newspaper snippets that I have gathered over the years and they make me smile. I can’t give credit for the most part as I snipped without thinking about author, so all I can say is; you know who you are and thanks

People are so cool

A Toronto Star article talking about neighbourliness;

“My neighbour may disagree, but he’s the same man who steals our recycling bins every Friday morning. It doesn’t distress me because I steal them back every Friday evening-our eternal, if clumsy dance. I don’t fault him for this, if only because his garden gnomes practically scream to join me for a merry stroll every time I pass his home. “Jose! Jose! Take our tiny hands in yours and skip down the block!”


Now if you ‘borrow’ garden statuary on your walks, please don’t blame me for giving you the idea.


A Quote from Barbara Walters;

“Years ago, I heard my daughter on the phone saying, “My mommy doesn’t drive. My mommy burns the meatloaf. My mommy doesn’t do anything except television.” There are whole areas in which I feel very inadequate


Off we go into another week, I will dig up more quotes to battle next Sunday



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