Urban or Urbane

“Green acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out, so far and wide. Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. “

Loved this TV show with Zsa Zsa Gabor and Eddie Albert.  They gave up with urban and remained urbane or fabulous dahlink.

Having read books about the slow movement, the Farm Sanctuary, the joys of fermenting  and I could go on, there is definitely an attraction to a slower pace and blue jeans. But, there is an equal tug to read about big cities even if you live in or near them.

The transit systems, the food available 24 /7, the culture or lack thereof.  So much that gives heightened awareness to all of the senses. And to be honest let’s me know why I visit regularly but,  and don’t live in the heart of the concrete jungle.

I pulled some books from the shelf that are either Urban Urbane or both.  Fashion and Fantasy for another day.

Walking Home The Life and Lessons of a City Builder by Ken Greenberg

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

A Wanderer in the Perfect City Selected Passion Pieces by Lawrence Weschler

The Perfect Scent A Year Behind the Scenes of the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York by Chandler Burr

Sidewalk by Mitchell Duneier

so many books so little time

Time for a Bellini or a single malt neat.



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