You know you are a book nerd when…

  • when you tell your partner you are spending some time re-shelving your books and he laughs.
  • When, you go to look up one book for someone and end up with 5 or 6 on the same topic
  • When, you don’t ever remember only have one shelf or one room for books

I prefer to be called a book nerd as opposed to the recent meme ; book dragon (seems aggressive) Also, I am not too fond of book worm not a huge fan of anything that crawls.

I have heard the term and might have used it before book slut and it is true that I will take my reading materials where ever they pop up.  Signs, yes even cereal boxes, election literature.   However the connotation here would be anything goes.  Not so fast, I have a red pencil handy.

It’s amazing to me the amount of bad grammar out in the world and no spell check that is out there in the printed text world.  Makes a fun puzzle though to pick out what has become the norm but isn’t strictly good grammar. Did you catch it?

I digress.

I do love reading all kinds of media; newspapers, magazines, e books, hard cover paperback. I am not picky where I get them; friends, thrift stores, regular retail if all else fails.

I believe I can safely pick a favourite book from most other categories;

Classic: The Woman in White By Wilkie Collins

Biography:  Just Kids By Patti Smith

Humour:  I Chong By Tommy Chong ( bio with humour)

War:  The Bang Bang Club By Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva

Coffee Table :  Caught In The Act New York Actors Face to Face By Susan Shacter and Don Shewey

I should be , at this moment, sorting and shelving and moving books from . There is never enough time in the day.




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