Lunch N Learn

It seems that I learn something new almost every day.

Textbooks and manuals are not on my reading list (unless I am taking a course of course) but, it’s amazing how books connect me with new lives, thoughts and books.

Schopenhauer’s Porcupines By Deborah Luepnitz I got to by reading about Freud and then Schopenhauer and then Wittgenstein

But, the interesting part I think is the fable itself that people (hedgehogs or porcupines) have to be close enough for comfort but not so close that they experience discomfort.


Then I ended up with Jesus Freak By Sara Miles. She is very mission driven and admits the people in her community do cause her some discomfort but her mission over rides those feelings.

And totally from left field I went back to finish off ; The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams . I bet you can work out what I learned there.

There may be a book addiction involved here.  But, there are definitely more books then there is time in the day.

I may have to pick up Agatha Christie next before my head explodes


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