Different but not too different

I love reading about eccentrics, outcasts , trendsetters.

Iris Apfel and Patti Smith are personal icons.  When will there be a book on Iris? Or, is there?

This got me thinking how would I feel if

  • if different was  my upstairs neighbour.
  • if different was the panhandler when I went to get coffee?
  • if different wore a boa and leopard tights to the grocery store.
  • if different was the person who lost both legs and is navigating a scooter or wheelchair.

Health, wealth and fashion vision can assure someone a place that is definitely NOT middle of the road.

Am I voyeur on paper but, a dyed in the wool middle of the roader? Don’t look at me or anyone else too closely in real life.

This is my challenge for the summer:  to catch myself with my reaction to any person ‘other’ and not just just read about them.  A huge goal to be present all the time.

Question to the universe: Is the fascination with different the reason why people watch reality TV but , live in gated communities? or send their children to private school?  I am, not sure but, I know I need to look at myself first.

Frank O’ Dea as an example  had lots of challenges and was definitely an ‘other for a period’ of his life now he is an entrepreneur.  Did I stop reading about him when he wasn’t a train wreck or just enjoy a good story.

I am not going to beat myself up today, mostly because it is the start of a long weekend but here are some of the books that brought this to mind.

When All You Have is Hope By Frank O’Dea

Hubert’s Freaks The Rare-Book Dealer, The Times Square Talker, and The Lost Photos of Diane Arbus By Gregory Gibson

The Story of Isabella Blow Blow By Blow By Detmar Blow

GIMP : When Life Deals You a Crappy Hand, You Can Fold—or You Can Play By Mark Zupan

Still I am obsessed with why all the sub-titles.  And what part of me is not middle of the road


Well, I digress


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