People ….

What Are People For? A book by Wendell Berry.

I admit , I bought it first for the title and then because I had read some of Mr Berry’s work previously.

With that out of the way,  I can also safely confess to reading the book at least 3 times and scribbling down titles of books by Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner that were noted amongst the walks and the buckets and the other musings. I bookmark pages in this book and almost started to underline passages but there are few things I won’t do; underline, dog ear or eat while reading.

I digress

What Are People For?  lead to;  Becoming Human By Jean Vanier. The content page of this book reads;  Loneliness, Belonging, From Exclusion to Inclusion: A Path to Healing, The Path to Freedom, Forgiveness

Woa.  Amazing book and  amazing man.

Here’s a snippet ” When we have constructed our lives around particular values of knowledge, power, and social esteem, it is difficult for us to accept those who cannot live by the same set of values. We are threatened by such people.”

And then there is Fred.

The Fred Factor By Mark Sanborn How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  The first Fred who is a postie who gives extraordinary service and doesn’t see it that way.   You’ll have to read teh book to find out more.

This is a straightforward motivational book like so many others.  But, not like so many others because I got engaged in reading the book because of  Fred, the motivating part came second.

So inspiring; Wendell and Jean and Fred and..

There are lots of people to be inspired by and lots of reading to do.

Happy long weekend.


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