Books can be yummy

Sounds strange.  especially when I clarify that I don’t mean the Julia Child, MFK Fisher kind of yummy although , I did really enjoy;

Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously By  Julie Powell


The Physiology of Taste and Gastronomical Me both from MFK Fisher

No, not those kinds of yumminess.

Someone had asked me what books had I read more than once and I thought of a handful.  Book geeks unite!  You know who you are.

Trying to reach out past my usual suspects; Ram Dass, Jean Giono, Oliver Statler (I think I have actually read these about 10 times each), there are other books that I didn’t think of right away .  These works of fiction  fit into this special category because I have placed multiple bookmarks in their pages, endured strange looks from those friends that are also friends of bestseller lists, and still I promoted them.

I keep finding new bits in them which is the best part of enjoying a meal of reading.

Of course, there are more than these 4.  Like the person who collects recipes, I have favourites for different occasions.  With the long weekend upon us, here are some totally yummy picks.

The Cellist of Sarajevo By Steven Galloway

The Mezzanine By Nicholas Baker

great jones street By Don DeLillo

Nine Stores By J.D. Salinger

with great books there comes great satisfaction



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