Sunday Sunday

Laundry, bills, and a rainy dark day to boot.  It must be time to put the breaks on and read.

I thought about reading the newspaper; way too negative, no good news stories there and if there are some, they seem to be throw away content.  No, newspapers won’t get rid of the Sunday funk.

TV, I don’t have Netflix or cable or I might not be as engaged in that medium as someone that does have the extra channels.

Which means back to the books. I thought about hitting the thrift store to see what treasure I can find but, laziness won out.  Stay home , dig through the shelves.

In my stacks, I dug around for fiction that would keep me going at least today and maybe cross over into the week days.

Here are my two picks

George R.R. Martin wrote The Armageddon Rag in the 1980s . My copy is totally yellowed, bent ( no dog ears I do have some restraint).  Is he not the same author who wrote Game of Thrones? I am not up on TV but, I think so.  If you have a chance to read this novel I am betting you won’t forget the Nazgul.  Rock and Roll with some demonic components.  A definite must if you have the time.

In over simplified terms,this book is an investigation of the murder of a rock promoter. Good versus evil. Of course it encompasses so much more and in my Pocket edition it’s 399 pages of story.  That is correct.  If I didn’t enjoy it , it could have easily  been used as a door stop

Another old timer in my paperback collection is E.L. Doctorow’s ; The Book of Daniel.

Again, uber simplified; a couple are electrocuted for treason and the book of Daniel is about their son.  Growing up in America with American ideals, fitting in but, not.  I think that can speak to a lot of us, American or no.

The part I have quoted over the years is about Daniel going to Disneyland as an adult; Disneyland at Christmas.

I wouldn’t even attempt to quote it here but, let’s say Daniel is not a fan.  Or we could even suppose it is a breakdown of Disneyland as a cultural anthropologist might view it.

Our hero is not taken in by Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and not much of a mention of Mickey.  Separate from Disney. Perhaps I keep enjoying this book because I am not 100% for Daniel. He’s real, he does things that aren’t nice and I still feel for him and take a hard look at his hard knocks.  this guy is not looking for my sympathy.

Laundry might not get done today.



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