Odd books can be fun

It is amazing the books a book nerd will collect.

Tonight I am loving the ones that have me saying; why did I get that again?

Only room here for one example.

Etiquette For Today By Sheila Ostrander a Barnes & Noble Everyday Handbook has a printed price of 1.50. That should tell you the age right there.

Excerpt; “If you smoke at your desk, make sure smoking doesn’t interfere with your job. Keep your ashtrays clean.”

There were days when walking into a manager’s office meant walking through a cloud of blue smoke.  There was no huddle of smokers outside of the office building, they were all inside at their desks.

Back to the book.

Under Conversational Drift:  If someone mispronounces a word which you want to use afterwards, try to find a synonym so that you don’t appear to be correcting him.

What is the etiquette today if someone uses U instead of you in their text?  I am sure there must be etiquette for the internet.

Train: Going through the coaches of a train, a man walks ahead of a woman so he can open the heavy doors.

This doesn’t tell me what to do if I am going through the coaches by myself. Do I go ahead and open the heavy doors or enlist someone in the coach?  Hmmm

This etiquette book  was printed in 1970 and the original print was 1960.

What a snapshot and I haven’t even delved into how to return gifts and what to do at the dinner table.

It is giving me the itch to locate a Miss Manners book, Dear Abby column.. this could be a whole new collection

Some people collect cookbooks or train mysteries I might need more of these books on etiquette.

Back to the piles


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