No Exit

Back to the stacks.

It might sound daunting but it really isn’t.  I have been fascinated with the idea proposed by Jean Paul Sarte in No Exit.

It really is hell if you think about it.  Three people locked in a  room together, no doors , no windows.  No way out of the room and nothing to observe or do outside of what they three have access to. Can’t watch passerby, TV, the sky and the clouds… you get the idea.

No internet ( a relatively new invention) no telephone . And when it comes to the people in the room, it will always be one against two, two against one, all three against each other.  There is no comfortable spot.

You can’t leave to go to the mall, call a friend or talk behind someone’s back.

It might not seem hellish at first but, I have picked up the book and put it down many times over the years and it is still a good puzzle.  Is there anything that would truly be worse from a  social interaction point of view.

Other social interactions and not literary ones can be considered hell but, I would propose that they all have a way out.

No Exit.





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