Beauty is in the eye of the reader

Summer is almost here and I am definitely not beach body ready.

This had me thinking about beauty and what is beautiful.  Grey hair is making a come back (and purple rinse come to think of it) but, only it you are under 30.

who wears short shorts?

If I can’t plank and there is no time for plastic surgery, at least I can read.

Which had me heading to the stacks

A book of poems are the 1st up

Ruin & Beauty New and Selected Poems By Patricia Young

It is a rather dark collection of poems or at least it feels that way on a rainy day

Up to the fun fashion and Beauty.  Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman by Sara James Mnookin

I think of Audrey Hepburn, (I know it’s not Tiffany’s  but it is that era) I love the stories about the family living on top of the store and all the perks of this wonderful fashionable icon.  If you weren’t a fashion maven before reading, you might be now.

I actually had the e book first and it didn’t do justice to the black and white photos in the book.  The testimonials from so many fashion mavens and people who I know must be fabulous make this a great pick up and put down book.  I will never look at the BG logo the same again.

Lastly, Bodies of Subversion A Secret History of Women and Tattoo By Margot Mifflin

The photos , the culture.  Tattoos and women seem still verboten in some jobs and more than welcome and fashion forward in another.  The days of Sailor Jerry might be gone but the art of traditional tattoo, tattoos with meaning and even drunk tattoos still exist.

I was most fascinated by the section; Circus Ladies and Society Women but, I have to say I have post its in all kinds of places in this book.


Not a typical reading day but, sometimes you have to tiptoe through the bookshelves



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