NIMBY or not?

Not In My Backyard

It would be nice  to think that  I am an open minded book geek.   Charities get a small donation, I volunteer  locally. A decent person and neighbour I hope.

But, then I read a local author;  Pat Capponi.

The two books I have of hers are;  Upstairs in the Crazy House and dispatches from the poverty line. ( the cover art doesn’t use capitals in dispatches)

Hmm how do I really feel about those people living in rooming houses, have mental issues and are on government assistance? I am a hand out or a hand up kind of gal?

I am trying to be decent but I see my personal judgments and accepted cultural stigmas popping up especially as I read Upstairs

Such great reading and great questions to ask even if they can be a might uncomfortable for me. There is still time for a John Connolly mystery or a romance, sorry can’t think of one I want to read this minute but, stretching to the local, real, not airbrushed is a good stretch for my reading wings.

I am sure that I will be digging around to see what else Ms Capponi writes and even where she might be giving presentations.

What is going on in your back yard and have you read about it?

Happy Reading

I need to get a life

Don’t all book geeks, dragons, nerds feel this way sometimes?

I looked at my unsteady stack of To Be Read books and they make no sense for theme or reasoning.  I am not prepared to donate them..yet or put them in the little library in front of my house but, there are those times when I wonder what was I thinking. what is the connection, what spirit was overtaking me.

You get the idea

here goes with no (or only a little self-judgement)

Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All By Allan Gurganus

Stigma Notes on The Management of Spoiled Identity By Erving Goffman

Slouching Towards Bethlehem Essays By Joan Didion

The last one I can tell you that I am addicted to her writings and have googled odd essays from magazines and interviews to get my fill.  The other 2 , I would have to have hypnotic regression to figure it out.

Lesson? Maybe variety is the spice of reading life or, no holds barred , no judgement, reading buffet.

Maybe all of the above plus some.  I can’t seem to stop book picking.


Happy Reading

Read it again

There are so many good books out in the world.

Good books , great books, not so great books, I’ll never get through them books but, I was thinking today about the ones I have read more than 3 times.  These are the good recommendable books.

(The cut off for passing on the titles had to be somewhere , two could just be a fluke and 10 is just too much time on your hands)

Just to narrow the field even further, only fiction that I have read more than 3 times.

Two titles jump out at me;

The Madness of Love By Katherine Davies  This is a riff on Shakespeare’s the Twelfth Night and even had me going back to the Bard with new interest.  Not all sweetness and light and maybe that is the draw no reality TV ending here.

Bel Canto By Ann Patchett is the second.  I have even purchased copies of this to give to friends. Birthdays, terrorists and people connecting.  So trite of me to write that but , I am not well versed enough to distill just over 300 pages of the paperback into a snapshot.

Every time I open the book randomly I find a small nugget where I think hmmmm.

Like dipping into candy at a candy shop.

Life is good reading is wonderful



You had me at Apocalypse

I am more of a biography, history why would someone write about that kind of reader.

My recent to be read list includes; Ida Pfieffer the lady explorer from the 1800s that was not that nice but was gusty.  Travelling around the world and judging all that she found.

Her children were grown, she was a widow, she wanted to travel. Doesn’t everyone take off?.

Schopenhauer’s Porcupines, Eloquence The Elements of Eloquence Secrets of the Perfect Turn of the Phrase, Pastrix the Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and Saint

So how did I end up with Robert Rankin’s;  The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse?

Curiosity might have killed the cat but, satisfaction  brought him back.

How could hollow chocolate bunnies be a main character and even my limited knowledge of sci fi we need a girl and a guy and some villain don’t we?  I have only made it through to page 15 so far and the wooden man and the talking bear are throwing me not to mention the carnivorous farmer .  Any more would potentially wreck the plot line for someone that wants to delve in and …drum roll I am planning on sticking with it I think.

Oh weekends were made for reading outside your comfort zone.

Read on.



Stuck in the middle again

Lately my area has been seeing some beautiful sunny days and here I am reading Bowling Alone.  Appropriate for this book sloth, geek, someone afflicted with literary madness.

Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam is  a pretty massive even in paperback.  I haven’t posted my pick up and put down books this week because I keep going back to Bowling Alone.

General Reciprocity, social contracts, the rise and fall of garden clubs and bowling leagues  ahhhh!! my head is going to explode and I mean that in a good way.

Bowling Alone has lead me to copy down John C, Maxwell’s name to look into his books. To find out more about Walt Disney actually wanted EPCOT centre to be like, which lead to Jane Jacobs which lead to urban sprawl and suburbia

Why can’t a book geek get a break .  I guess because we never actually want one.

To provide a salve to my weary brain I am also working on a business plan for a bookmobile and a small army of volunteers that covertly leave gently used books in public spots hoping someone will pick up and carry home ( see adopt one of there favourite reads)


Summer fun.  Back to the book.