Stuck in the middle again

Lately my area has been seeing some beautiful sunny days and here I am reading Bowling Alone.  Appropriate for this book sloth, geek, someone afflicted with literary madness.

Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam is  a pretty massive even in paperback.  I haven’t posted my pick up and put down books this week because I keep going back to Bowling Alone.

General Reciprocity, social contracts, the rise and fall of garden clubs and bowling leagues  ahhhh!! my head is going to explode and I mean that in a good way.

Bowling Alone has lead me to copy down John C, Maxwell’s name to look into his books. To find out more about Walt Disney actually wanted EPCOT centre to be like, which lead to Jane Jacobs which lead to urban sprawl and suburbia

Why can’t a book geek get a break .  I guess because we never actually want one.

To provide a salve to my weary brain I am also working on a business plan for a bookmobile and a small army of volunteers that covertly leave gently used books in public spots hoping someone will pick up and carry home ( see adopt one of there favourite reads)


Summer fun.  Back to the book.


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