Read it again

There are so many good books out in the world.

Good books , great books, not so great books, I’ll never get through them books but, I was thinking today about the ones I have read more than 3 times.  These are the good recommendable books.

(The cut off for passing on the titles had to be somewhere , two could just be a fluke and 10 is just too much time on your hands)

Just to narrow the field even further, only fiction that I have read more than 3 times.

Two titles jump out at me;

The Madness of Love By Katherine Davies  This is a riff on Shakespeare’s the Twelfth Night and even had me going back to the Bard with new interest.  Not all sweetness and light and maybe that is the draw no reality TV ending here.

Bel Canto By Ann Patchett is the second.  I have even purchased copies of this to give to friends. Birthdays, terrorists and people connecting.  So trite of me to write that but , I am not well versed enough to distill just over 300 pages of the paperback into a snapshot.

Every time I open the book randomly I find a small nugget where I think hmmmm.

Like dipping into candy at a candy shop.

Life is good reading is wonderful




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