NIMBY or not?

Not In My Backyard

It would be nice  to think that  I am an open minded book geek.   Charities get a small donation, I volunteer  locally. A decent person and neighbour I hope.

But, then I read a local author;  Pat Capponi.

The two books I have of hers are;  Upstairs in the Crazy House and dispatches from the poverty line. ( the cover art doesn’t use capitals in dispatches)

Hmm how do I really feel about those people living in rooming houses, have mental issues and are on government assistance? I am a hand out or a hand up kind of gal?

I am trying to be decent but I see my personal judgments and accepted cultural stigmas popping up especially as I read Upstairs

Such great reading and great questions to ask even if they can be a might uncomfortable for me. There is still time for a John Connolly mystery or a romance, sorry can’t think of one I want to read this minute but, stretching to the local, real, not airbrushed is a good stretch for my reading wings.

I am sure that I will be digging around to see what else Ms Capponi writes and even where she might be giving presentations.

What is going on in your back yard and have you read about it?

Happy Reading


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