A bibliomaniacs dream come true

The internet is good for something.

Okay lots of things. Like;  being in touch, searching for items, instead of the yellow pages.  Do many people remember the yellow pages or the phones that were attached to the kitchen wall so that there was no privacy from your parents?

I digress.

The best little nugget for this bibliomaniac is that I can download samples of books and then get rid of them and go onto the next. Online book stores only give you a paragraph. A paragraph is only enough to wet your whistle and like the trailers for movies. And many times the paragraph is the only good part.  With the prices of books (and movie tickets for that matter)  I want to spend my money on the the books I will read at least once and maybe twice or thrice ( had to do that).

Google Play Books.  Ta da!  As I think I wrote before , one book leads to another and another.  With Google Play, I can taste test a book and then delete or decide.

Late at night I get the idea that I would like to read a book on the theme or by the author that I have already.  Google Play has a partner in this scenario, Google Play books and Goodreads .

I may not agree with all the Goodreads posts but, other people’s reviews give me a good baseline.  The Goodreads site does show similar books as well.

Since this are the most used parts of my devices, I have deleted all the game apps from  Google Play Books and Goodreads are must apps to keep me in my bookishness.

When funds are tight and the thrift store doesn’t have anything that catches my eye I can download a sample book and delete it if it doesn’t do anything for me.

Kind of like fishing; catch and release.

As an example; yesterdays searching led to the following;

Small moves, Big change using microresolutions to transform your life permanently by Caroline L. Arnold

How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness By Russ Roberts

The Theory of Moral Sentiments By Adam Smith

Speak Like Churchill Stand Like Lincoln 21 Powerful Secrets of History’s Greatest Speakers By James C. Humes

Confessions of a Public Speaker By Scott Berkun

I recommend trying  it , it’s fun.

Off to read


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