I have to stop reading distressing books for awhile

Books are not life, correct?  Just like reality TV is not reality. Sometimes, it’s hard though when I relate to the characters or real life people.

Some days or weekends I find I am more sensitive than others. I found this weekend that I was sad thinking about all the losses in Joan Didion’s life.  The stresses of poverty and mental health for Pat Capponi and the people she advocates for.  The list could go on.

A good old fashioned romp or mystery is called for.

To get out of this mini funk I may have to read Aunt Dimity by Nancy Atherton (secret pleasures and oh so quick of reads).  Diane Mott Davidson culinary mysteries.

Weekend reads were made for fun and light.  Aren’t they?

War and Peace next weekend.

Happy reading

By the way Joan Didion is a must read in the right mind frame.  I would suggest;

The Year of Magical Thinking and Slouching Towards Bethlehem

For Pat Capponi.  Definitely try ; Upstairs at the Crazy House and Dispatches from the Poverty Line


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