Place names

Just for fun, I decided to pick books with place names in the title.  I could have easily picked ones with home in the title or days of the week.

In fact in getting my ideas for today I tore apart my bookshelves and re-shelving will be the mental health exercise later today or tomorrow.

A note about the titles that caught my eye, I only picked from my bookshelves this time. No e books.  Sunday feels like the time for coffee, paper pages and wishing their were no dirty dishes, unwashed clothes or unreturned messages.

I digress

The Cellist of Sarajevo By Steven Galloway

I was a little intimidated to start this book as I had heard so much about it and I am often intimidated by ‘classics’ just as much as I am offended by book club picks.

It was a keeper.  I have read it at least twice and it is on my list for recommending to friends .

The Piano Shop on the Left Bank The hidden world of a Paris atelier By T.E. Carhart.  This is not fiction but it reads like a wonderful little gem.

Last but not least , a pretty famous author.  Must love; Catcher in the Rye, must love the minutiae and be prepared to flip back and catch a detail you missed the first time.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh By Michael Chabon


Happy reading




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