Fluff is enough

I was thinking today about what fluffy reads do I have and what would I read again.

Lots fit the bill.  No sex, crime,mind blowing philosophies, cruel plot twists.

I grabbed 2 that have nothing to do with each other except that I have read them more than once and they can be read on the beach, in the bath,or anywhere really.

First up;  How To Make An American Layer Cake An Illustrated step-by-step guide to prefect cakes, frostings and fillings. By The Cook’s Illustrated Library

This is a very small hardcover book and honestly when I picked it up I thought it would be some self care philosophy.  Some morsels of how to have a good life.  I was thinking along the lines of Geri Larkin’s The Chocolate cake Sutra ( a great read by the way)

Nope that isn’t American Layer Cake.  It actually is a cookbook.  It’s so cute and it has line drawings for different steps in the cake making process.  It’s a bit of precious fluff.

Next up. Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman By Sara James Mnookin. I loved the glossy insides, the black and white photos.  Ms Mnookin’s fan girl attitude to the story.  It makes me want to head to New York.  I just wish the owners of Bergdorf’s  still lived on top of the store and came down in their robes.  Fluff is enough

Happy reading


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