A secret reading pleasure

Not Harlequin romances, not  trilogies, not classics or what a friend calls ‘horse chokers’.

Convocation Speeches.

They are relatively short.  They reflect the person giving them and in a way the state of what is going on around the,  There is no editor (I don’t think) cutting bits, or saying ‘You can’t say that’.

Great reading

It started with me with my love for the essays of David Foster Wallace.  I read the magazine , columns, the books of essays and then the convocation speech.  The speech is from 2005 and called This is Water.  You may have to be a fan of DFW but, still a  good read.

William H. Gass.  Read his books if you can but, for quick tidbits; “On Learning to Talk” from 1979.

Joseph Brodsky – Some Tips from 1988.  Even love the first line.

“Life is game with no rules and no referee.”

Just whetting your whistle here but, I think you will find a treasure trove of reading that can be like an appetizer for the heavy lifting of full length books.

The last speech I’ll mention here is; Ruth Westheimers .  If you are old enough to remember Dr Ruth, you remember she is a no nonsense straight ahead gal.

Read her speech from Trinity College in 2004.

Or pick anyone if you are so inclined.

Happy reading




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