Just keep reading

Everyone I think that is addicted to reading, or wants to be addicted to reading.  Have a few books that seem to defy you.

For me these are books that I really, really, (is it too much to say 3 really?) want to finish but, I keep putting them down and picking them up later.

I am not yet defeated as they are still on my To Be Read list .  Sometimes it has been so long since I picked them up that I have to head back a few pages and re-acquaint myself with the characters.  This is not failure.  This is called being in it for the long haul.

This is also not describing those books where someone might say;  Give it up already you will never finish.  For any reason 1) not a well written book 2) It’s over your head 3) the fad has passed.

These two books are classics and I am determined to finish them,, one day

Angle of Repose By Wallace Stegner

Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand

I finished the The Virtue of Selfishness many years after starting Atlas Shrugged but I am still plugging away in the middle third.

For Mr Stegner, I love his work and it resonates with me. The pictures that he draws with his words but, I did finish Crossing to Safety many moons.

Everyone needs a reading goal and mine is to finish these two books. One day


keep reading


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