I can never spell the …

For some reason the most activity on spell check for me is the word the. I do spell other words wrong but none as consistently incorrect as the.  It is invariable – teh.

It could be that I am not a typist (true), it could be that I don’t have a degree in English (true) and it could be I don’t have a degree in Literature (true).  But why is it always the instead of a million other words?

No idea but, I am sure someone out there knows.

This lead to interesting thought about editors and the use of grammar in writing.  One thing leads to another as always.

A favourite on this topic that I keep picking up and browsing and is a great read for any level of interest.

The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth

which I arrived at by reading footnotes and comments to editorial staff from David Foster Wallace.

Also, About a Mountain By John D’Agata.  This book is not in any sense about grammar but it let to D’Agata’s letter book which is basically a war of words with his editor.


The Life Span of a Fact by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal


Gotta love teh web of reading.  Spell check R US


keep reading




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