Fascinating real life

Weekends might be made for fiction, fantasy and fandom but, I also think they are made for the books you can’t put down until you finish them.

I have read these two books a few times and even replaced the copies when lent ones didn’t come back.

Such a huge no no but, not as bad as when people write in the books.  Or at least write in the books that I have lent out.

I digress

I would very much recommend them, not sure if you can find them in your local book haunt but maybe add them to the look into category.

They are both non-fiction.  Not biographies but about real people in real times.  I have never seen other books by these people and I am not sure a different or second book could live up to the 1st.

Sidewalk By Mitchell Duneier

Excellent.  Mr Duneier hung out with the book sellers on the pavement in New York City.  A very specific section of NYC and the people who live and work on the streets.

Even picking it up to list it made me put it back int eh  (TBRA (To Be Read Again) pile.

The second one is disturbing but in a way we should be disturbed might I say.  Have you ever thought of what the war photographer is thinking when they run out into the streets and shoot the shooting?  And what kind of ‘club’ you belong to live in that type of high stress world.

Welcome to;

The Bang Bang Club Snapshots From a Hidden War BY Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva


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