Chess I guess

I have written before about how one thing leads to another and for book geeks everything leads back to books and more books.  This ‘disease’ if you will has struck again.

It occurred to me this week that I have never played chess and should take it up.  Who knew there was so much to it.  People that play chess do.

I am not generally a strategic thinker by any stretch.  I think about it if it is in front of me and I plan my life but I have no clue why people do what they do.

Hence chess.

First stop as most people these days do at some point,  an internet site or 10 . I glommed onto; and that seemed to be in language I can understand but, understanding the directions and putting them into play – drowning would be a good analogy.

Books beckoned.

I started to look up books that might tell me about people that play chess , how they play and oh my there is a lot.

My 1st foray to more than I bargained for.  These chess masters are a very interesting group and I think fiction and non-fiction I could be at this awhile.  I am not sure how soon it will get me to the chess board but it’s fun looking into this new genre

Here is what I have on my to be read so far;

King’s Gambit A Son, A Father and the World’s Most Dangerous Game by Paul Hoffman

The Immortal Game A History of Chess or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated Our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain By David Shenk

The Chess Artist Genius Obsession and the World’s Oldest Game By J.C. Hallman

Wish me luck


keep reading


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