Business as circus

There are lots and lots of business books that are self help for the manager type.

When I grow up, or let’s just say mature, I aspire to be;  Warren Buffet , Steve Jobs (not dead though) and  Sheryl Sandberg.  From a spiritual point of view mix in please;  Gloria Steinem, Geri Larkin, Pema Chodrin and Anne Lamott.

Shaken not stirred.

Totally off topic probably for the books I pulled today.  But, you do have to have a sense of humour when you are in management.  About yourself and everyone around you.  respectfully so.

I read these books more than 5 years ago and maybe ten but I pull them out now and again to thumb through.

They might not be on everyone’s book pile but they couldn’t hurt.

10 Clowns Don’t Make A Circus and 249 other critical management success strategies  By  Steven Schragis and Rick Frishman

Throwing the Elephant Zen and the Art of Managing Up By Stanley Bing

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