Cover Art

I have quite a few books, that may seem too obvious but.  I have to say sometimes it’s just the cover art that draws me in.  My collection would never be the most thematic, or all one size or one colour like I see in some design posts but, it is like treasure hunting and then getting the gold.

It’s sad when the book doesn’t live up to the artist’s work on the cover but, when those two worlds collide – WOW.

It can be a little touchy because every new edition and paperback vs trade vs hardcover has different art but I think if you lean the way of pop art, books would be a great little niche.

Because the purpose of this post is to extol the virtues of the art and not the writing I won’t give you my opinions about that.

here are the titles and let’s see if I have the technology to post the actual covers

Clap Hands if you Believe in Fairies By John Fraser

Snuff A Novel By Chuck Palahniuk

In Search of Character By Graham Greene

The Plague By Albert Camus



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