Self Judgement in reading

I had an ah ha or an oh my moment today when I was about to crack open a book with my morning coffee.

The book is called; Rattlesnakes By Frank Dobie

It is not a thriller or a bodice ripper if is really about rattlesnakes.   The long scary things that shake their tails at you and literally rattle.

First world problems; I was deciding if I should sit on my front or back step and because of the book I chose back.

Woa!! If I had a Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy even Anthony Robbins I realized that I would have sat out front.

The book nerd from grade 8 came out in me.  Someone my question my reading.  why rattlesnakes and then here’s where the self judgement comes in.  She must be snotty, bright, too good for Oprah to read those kind of books.

Little does my nasty internal voice know (but it really does) that I am also learning about chess.

Book nerd unite, I am going to read the rattlesnake book in the front yard if it kills me.


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