Mondays are still Mondays

Unless they are Sundays.

The 1st day of the week is always a day of sighs.  whatever the week looks like.  If you have your own business or punch the clock, love what you do or drag yourself in.

I believe the first day always sucks even a little bit.

My Mondays generally mean that I pull out books that say;  it’s not so bad, I’ll finish my to do this week, look what I have already accomplished

Yeah me

There are huge sections of self help, self care, guru guys and girls and there is obviously room for them all because we all want to get better, be better , live better

I pulled out 3 smallish books today that have coffee stains, bent covers, ones I don’t lend but I would buy someone a new copy if they seem interested .  Here you go.

A Short Guide to a Happy Life By Anna Quindlen

It’s Easier Than You Think The Buddhist Way to Happiness By Sylvia Boorstein

The Art of Living The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness Epictetus By Sharon Lebell


keep reading



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