What happens when you rip the dust jacket off?

Chaos my friends chaos.

Alright maybe not definitely chaos. But at least potential chaos.

Definitely not chaos if you follow some Instagram accounts where all the books are colour blocked.  Not chaos if it is your ultimate favourite of all time read the dust jacket disintegrated.

But, it could be chaos if you had a fit of I don’t know what like I did at some point last year or two years ago (it is muddled in my mind) when I threw out a bunch of dust jackets.  (Now there is a run sentence for you!)

Let me be clear,  I kept the books when I threw out the covers. For some reason in my mind I needed to rid the books of their cloak of colour and marketing.

What this did is kept me from reaching for those books to read again.

I don’t have first editions or that many collectible books but,  I now know that the cover or at the very least the spine of the book helps attract me to pick up the book in the bookstore and also surprise surprise to me…pick it up again at home.

Case in point.

The Wisdom to Know The Difference when to Make Change and When to Let Go             By Eileen Flanagan

The book now naked, (no dust jacket) Says EF on the front.  That’s it folks.

The spine has the title and author and publisher.  All of this in gold lettering.

The cover doesn’t tell me anything and as it is in a book pile and not on a shelf I can’t tell you what it’s about – except the title or when I read it last.  I know it was published in 2009 and I have a bookmark in it.

I am sure it is good but one never knows.  I now have added it to my current To Be Read pile in penance for treating it so poorly.

Wish me luck.

keep reading.


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