Not to everyone’s taste

I had a discussion this long weekend with someone that said;  ‘I can’t believe you read that’.  (Insert screwed up face that looks like they ate the sour candy Warhead)

I for one can’t believe some people read all kinds of things that I have absolutely no interest in but, I don’t tell them so, (my screwed up face is internal like the internal voice that is saying; seriously).  Everyone has a right to their opinion and reading material, so if you don’t like my choices off you go to the world wide web or the local bookstore. I am not offended,really I am not.

The beauty is there are enough things to read in enough formats and languages that everyone should be able to find something.

The flow of new books and even just new on my horizon seems endless.  remember that, there is always something else to read.

I used to read books to the bitter end even when I lost track of why I picked the book in the 1st place.  I am not sure why I punished myself except maybe I thought it was my problem not the author’s.

I gave that up and now I move on.  In the moving on I think I have found some unsung gems that might not be to everyone’s taste but they do have a place in my library

The I Chong Meditations From the Joint By Tommy Chong

The Caged Virgin An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Burying Don Imus Anatomy of a Scapegoat By Michael Awkward


keep reading


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