Odd Jobs

I think any job that is not 9-5 can seem odd.  But then again, if you work on an oil rig or as a firefighter, 9-5 can seem odd.

I started a book yesterday called;  The Empathy Exams By Leslie Jamison

It is a series of essays but the first one and the one I had to re-read was that Ms Jamison worked as a medical actor to act out diseases for medical students.  There is much more to this book in the other essays (letting you know that it is a good read)  but for my subject today.. odd jobs

I can memorize things so maybe I could be a medical actor


Running The Books The Adventures of an Accidental Prison Librarian By Avi Steinberg

And a totally different not I love the photo book by Philippe Halsman called Jump Book

His job was to take photos of people jumping – so fun

keep reading



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