little girl

I could have called this blog; Living Life Upside down on a High Wire but I settled for Pull4Motion.

Reading in all of it’s form is a type of self care , life can be very exciting, uncontrollable a high wire act .  Thinking of everyday as a circus that I can learn about and pull myself along by sharing some of my thoughts through writing.  Pulling myself for motion.

There is no such thing as a bad book, there is such a thing as the wrong book for a person or the wrong time in a person’s life to read a book. Except that I am anti-bestseller for the most part , (I like to think of all the books not on those lists that are gems). I try to share my shelves and thoughts through this blog.

The beauty of reading and writing is that they are both endless streams.  I learn so much from finding out what other people read, or don’t, that I use books and reading to engage in life.

When the high wire of life becomes daunting there is a book for that.  Happy , sad, mad, confused – there are books for that.

Book geek, book nerd, book dragon – just a mid life person who never wants to stop being curious and who never jumps off the high wire even when it is sometimes upside down and I am going backwards.

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