Not to everyone’s taste

I had a discussion this long weekend with someone that said;  ‘I can’t believe you read that’.  (Insert screwed up face that looks like they ate the sour candy Warhead)

I for one can’t believe some people read all kinds of things that I have absolutely no interest in but, I don’t tell them so, (my screwed up face is internal like the internal voice that is saying; seriously).  Everyone has a right to their opinion and reading material, so if you don’t like my choices off you go to the world wide web or the local bookstore. I am not offended,really I am not.

The beauty is there are enough things to read in enough formats and languages that everyone should be able to find something.

The flow of new books and even just new on my horizon seems endless.  remember that, there is always something else to read.

I used to read books to the bitter end even when I lost track of why I picked the book in the 1st place.  I am not sure why I punished myself except maybe I thought it was my problem not the author’s.

I gave that up and now I move on.  In the moving on I think I have found some unsung gems that might not be to everyone’s taste but they do have a place in my library

The I Chong Meditations From the Joint By Tommy Chong

The Caged Virgin An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Burying Don Imus Anatomy of a Scapegoat By Michael Awkward


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What happens when you rip the dust jacket off?

Chaos my friends chaos.

Alright maybe not definitely chaos. But at least potential chaos.

Definitely not chaos if you follow some Instagram accounts where all the books are colour blocked.  Not chaos if it is your ultimate favourite of all time read the dust jacket disintegrated.

But, it could be chaos if you had a fit of I don’t know what like I did at some point last year or two years ago (it is muddled in my mind) when I threw out a bunch of dust jackets.  (Now there is a run sentence for you!)

Let me be clear,  I kept the books when I threw out the covers. For some reason in my mind I needed to rid the books of their cloak of colour and marketing.

What this did is kept me from reaching for those books to read again.

I don’t have first editions or that many collectible books but,  I now know that the cover or at the very least the spine of the book helps attract me to pick up the book in the bookstore and also surprise surprise to me…pick it up again at home.

Case in point.

The Wisdom to Know The Difference when to Make Change and When to Let Go             By Eileen Flanagan

The book now naked, (no dust jacket) Says EF on the front.  That’s it folks.

The spine has the title and author and publisher.  All of this in gold lettering.

The cover doesn’t tell me anything and as it is in a book pile and not on a shelf I can’t tell you what it’s about – except the title or when I read it last.  I know it was published in 2009 and I have a bookmark in it.

I am sure it is good but one never knows.  I now have added it to my current To Be Read pile in penance for treating it so poorly.

Wish me luck.

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Mondays are still Mondays

Unless they are Sundays.

The 1st day of the week is always a day of sighs.  whatever the week looks like.  If you have your own business or punch the clock, love what you do or drag yourself in.

I believe the first day always sucks even a little bit.

My Mondays generally mean that I pull out books that say;  it’s not so bad, I’ll finish my to do this week, look what I have already accomplished

Yeah me

There are huge sections of self help, self care, guru guys and girls and there is obviously room for them all because we all want to get better, be better , live better

I pulled out 3 smallish books today that have coffee stains, bent covers, ones I don’t lend but I would buy someone a new copy if they seem interested .  Here you go.

A Short Guide to a Happy Life By Anna Quindlen

It’s Easier Than You Think The Buddhist Way to Happiness By Sylvia Boorstein

The Art of Living The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness Epictetus By Sharon Lebell


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Self Judgement in reading

I had an ah ha or an oh my moment today when I was about to crack open a book with my morning coffee.

The book is called; Rattlesnakes By Frank Dobie

It is not a thriller or a bodice ripper if is really about rattlesnakes.   The long scary things that shake their tails at you and literally rattle.

First world problems; I was deciding if I should sit on my front or back step and because of the book I chose back.

Woa!! If I had a Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy even Anthony Robbins I realized that I would have sat out front.

The book nerd from grade 8 came out in me.  Someone my question my reading.  why rattlesnakes and then here’s where the self judgement comes in.  She must be snotty, bright, too good for Oprah to read those kind of books.

Little does my nasty internal voice know (but it really does) that I am also learning about chess.

Book nerd unite, I am going to read the rattlesnake book in the front yard if it kills me.


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Business as circus

There are lots and lots of business books that are self help for the manager type.

When I grow up, or let’s just say mature, I aspire to be;  Warren Buffet , Steve Jobs (not dead though) and  Sheryl Sandberg.  From a spiritual point of view mix in please;  Gloria Steinem, Geri Larkin, Pema Chodrin and Anne Lamott.

Shaken not stirred.

Totally off topic probably for the books I pulled today.  But, you do have to have a sense of humour when you are in management.  About yourself and everyone around you.  respectfully so.

I read these books more than 5 years ago and maybe ten but I pull them out now and again to thumb through.

They might not be on everyone’s book pile but they couldn’t hurt.

10 Clowns Don’t Make A Circus and 249 other critical management success strategies  By  Steven Schragis and Rick Frishman

Throwing the Elephant Zen and the Art of Managing Up By Stanley Bing

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