You read that out in public?

It came to me within the past few days that everyone has some type of boundary as to what they will read in public.

Some people wouldn’t be caught dead with a torrid romance paperback.  It could also be; Cervantes (people will think I am a snob). Or, it could be the name of the book.

The last one happened to me this week.

I was searching around and came across After Acker by Chris Kraus.  What Ms Kraus also wrote was;

I Love Dick

Hmm.  Do I want to be sitting at the bus stop reading this?  And do I care what people think? Well, I headed back to the questions that I just posed.

I also, don’t want to be caught with a ‘trashy’ book or with  The Instructions by Adman Levin which is is over 1,000 pages in paperback.

A more upsetting book if someone was to read it I think (than I love Dick) would be;

We Need to Talk About Kevin By Lionel Shriver

This book about a school shooter really caused me some sleepless nights but, I did read it to the end. And, I have had people give it back to me unfinished when I have lent it out.

It’s funny how my little internal voice (which I have to say is very judgmental of me) limits my outside reading.  Maybe that’ a free part of reading things on a device- no one knows what you are reading.

Or maybe, just maybe I should get over worrying about what Jane Q Public thinks and read whatever – trashy, classic, humongous, unsettling – wherever.

Got to work on that

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Book Love


This week I have experienced so much book love from different places that love of books became the topic.

I am lucky enough to have a front yard and double lucky to have a Dad that will make things for me – (love).  So I now have a little library at the end of my fence.  It is one of the smaller ones but, it has become so fantastic to see the number of young (under 12 yrs old) that come by and check out what books might be in the library.

Here comes the love.

Little Library

I have told a few people about this and it has struck a chord I think. Two people in the last week have donated books to keep it going (the books go out and other ones come in-there are no rules about returning what someone ‘borrows’).

It is such a pleasure today to re-stack the books and bring ones to the front window of the little library to catch our little readers attention.

And then we have the Book Wyches.

I invited friends across Canada to drop off books in public places with a bookmark letting the finder know the book is not lost but, meant for them to read!  Woo hoo! some of the wyches have run out of bookmarks.

Last (and sorry this is a longish post)  I was looking for a copy of a book and I came across a free e book that said this

This electronic book is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. You may not sell or make any profit from this book.

And if you like book, buy a paper copy and give it to someone who does not have a computer, if that is possible for you


Book love !!!


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Embrace Your Fears

I picked up this weekend (eBook); David Lynch Beautiful Dark by Greg Olson.

Can I say woa?  Or is that too much of a theme of my writings when I am blown away?

This book has made me want to read more about Mr Lynch and also questioning myself. Do I embrace fear and move forward or run the other way like a scaredy cat , chicken… well you know.

It has been amazing to me in reading this book how average American Joe  David Lynch’s upbringing was.  And also how he fed into his fears in his life and turned them into such amazing art and film.

There are always more layers to people than we give them credit and more to any story than just chilling (thinking of David Lynch movies). Must re watch all David Lynch movies, pronto!

I have to read more about him, more about the people that mean something to him and more about what scares me.

I guess the idea is;  Jump into the Deep End of the Pool and it’s okay to be afraid of what’s in the pool.

Real life is scary


A little shot of mystics

I have been a lot about ‘real life’ lately and while the books are excellent;

Nomadland By Jessica Bruder

Born With a Junk Food Deficiency By Martha Rosenberg

and mix in the The Lives of The Twelve Ceasers by Suetonius

Don’t ask my why my reading list is what it is but I needed a break.

Hence Ram Dass.

The old 70s Ram Dass.  The one where to cover of my paperback went missing years ago, the back cover is serving as a placeholder in mid book and I don’t lend it.

The book is the Only Dance There Is

I can’t even share a passage as I have spent 20 minutes dipping into the book and forgot to write anything down.

The sign that this book is here on the right day.

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Dysfunction Junction



I am an avid thrift store book junkie.  You just never know what book will pop up that you wouldn’t find in a regular chain bookstore.

Sometimes the dysfunction of the people in the book might be why I never saw it on the best seller list.  Some of these true stories can be hard to take.

I know Grey Gardens the documentary had a following and I was so curious about those ladies and dug up newspaper articles etc… but it’s tough when there is no fairy tale , save the day ending. we sill look.  Like a car wreck I guess.

Which brings me to the book of this week.


the secret life of The Lonely Doll The Search for Dare Wright By Jean Nathan

Woa, talk about dysfunctional parenting.  This book has it in spades.  Abuse in the form of mental deprivation, who should not have children, and more- all here.

The fact that Dare wrote books about the Lonely Doll is additionally disconcerting -(I haven’t seen those books in person yet) but, if you read her story your teeth might actually hurt.

This book by Jean Nathan good read if you want to remind yourself that you survived your childhood, high school, the drama of life but, it’s a tough one.

It reminded me of; My Journey to Forgiveness Comes the Peace by Daja Wangchuck Meston.  Also a tough one.  Also, the mother in this non-fiction story would never get parent of the year or even parent of the once in a blue moon.

Below is the photo again from the book of the lonely doll and her two bear friends. I think I had to post it twice because it has a Twilight Zone feel.

Not sure if I am allowed to post photos from the book but, they can be removed if anyone says – REMOVE.



Whether you after a simple Sunday read or one that takes deep breathing to get through

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