Like the red car

Little Red Sedan

Did you ever hear about;  the red car?  My version is this; If you go out and buy a red car suddenly you will see the same make, model and colour everywhere you go.

You always saw say lots of the silver Honda civics (I have mostly seen the red but, that is another red car story) but, you have never seen the red car that you just purchased until you do.  Or your friend just bought, or your child and on it goes.

I am wondering if the same premise applies to books.  I recently started downloading books from a free app through my library (Hoopla) and they all seem very different

Daily Rituals How Artists Work By Mason Currey

The Sound of A Wild Snail Eating BY  Elizabeth Tova Bailey

What do they have in common ?  snails

You will have to read them to find out more.  I have 10 books more on the go but this struck me as odd.


Just keep reading

I might list my to be read stack next post before it changes




Gotta love the library

I have to say I have had a library card since pre-school but, in the era of online reading and thrift store purchases I haven’t gone there much.

Wow! Have things changed.

There are now inter library loans, ebooks, no one telling you ssh and the selection is much deeper than I remember.

As a book addict, this could be dangerous.   As a community involved book addict it is nirvana.  Of course it means that I am down loading apps, checking out books, returning them, testing the catalouge for obscure titles – such fun.  And all the while choosing whether I want to be surrounded by people or head off to a quiet corner.

I have never been a huge sci fi fan.  I have read;  Italo Calvino and Ursula K Le Guin and a little Neil Gaiman but, I have been very limited in reaching out to this genre.

However, because of the library I am a new fan of Rhys Hughes and have been promoting his book; Cloud Farming in Wales far and wide.  It’s a slim book which could be why I was not daunted when I first saw the title and thought -hmmm maybe so.  Now it is a gold star.

In that foray to the library I also picked up;

Tig Notaro’s book, a biography about Tango and an Ann Patchett that I hadn’t read.

Book addict bliss.  The honeymoon may wear off but until then,

I will keep reading and I hope you do the same.



Articulate articles

I do enjoy a good Micheal Chabon story and knowing that his new collection; Pops is on it’s way to the stores this year I had to pull out the GQ Article which is one of the highlights of the book.

If you haven’t read the article it is a must read.  Not only as a window into Mr Chabon the man and father but, the independent thinking of his son Abe.

This is a very short blog today because I am redirecting you to google the article and spend this sunny February day reading it at least 3 times to get all the nuances.

At the end of it, I hope you realize how great it is if everyone found their people.

enough said.

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Stuck in the blood and gore

I have been on a Shakespeare tear.  That is my dirty little reading secret.  I started with  A  Mid Summer’s Night Dream and , then Taming of the Shrew but, when I got to; Titus Andronicus, oh my.

Blood, gore, cutting off hands, tongues, murder of friends and family.  I have to say that one of my friends texted me No, No, No when I told her that I have started to read this.  I think Titus is far and away more gruesome than I expected.  I have slogged through and it is actually very engaging except that I keep having to go back and say; did he really kill his son?, is her tongue really cut out ?

Because of this carnage, I felt the need to go back to Japaneses Pilgrimage by Oliver Statler.  A nice and calm account of following the pilgrimage to 88 temples on a Japanese island.  Would you not know that near the end is recounted the story of a suicide. – sigh

Fellow readers , am I going to have to go back to Dr Seuss for reading material?

Wait, can’t do that.  The Lorax is about factories and cutting down trees. what about Fairy Tales?  Well, unless they have been cleaned up , popping children into an oven,  a wold pretending to be grandma – no luck there.

I did start to re-read Jack Kornfield’s ; After The Ecstasy, the Laundry but, the 1st anecdote I started to read was about someone doing Buddhist training for years and years to be centered and calm and they get angry the 1st time they are in the city.

Overall, I would suggest that my reading colours how I view other things (reading) in my world while I am  focused. so I am not giving up on Shakespeare but I am switching to Twelfth Night.

Wish me luck, and

keep reading


A good idea never fades


There is always a lot of chatter about the newest way of living that will improve life, de stress a person and be the golden ticket.

It was The Art of Tidying Up and now the Danish way of Hygge, and I am sure there are many more.  I was sure I had seen all of these things in various forms in my own stacks.

I first pulled out Ram Dass’ The Only Dance There Is.  Such a favourite that it no longer has a cover (which had great 60s artwork ) and some of the most read pages are just tucked in and no longer bound.  It’s a great touchstone book but the one that seemed to touch on the theme is The Art of Living.  Epictetus Interpreted by Sharon Lebell.

Just as a tidbit here is a section of the book under; Be Suspicious of Convention

“Just as we must clean, order, and maintain our homes to move forward with anything; we need to do the same with our minds.  For not only do we risk inefficiency by failing to do so, we invite our soul’s very corruption.  A disorganized, foggy soul is dangerous, for its vulnerable to the influence of better organized but unsavoury influences.

Trust nothing and nobody but yourself.  Be ceaselessly watchful over your beliefs and influences.”

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