Middle aged drunken ballerina

Life informs reading, or visa versa

I was having a girls afternoon with some pizza and beer today when I started to think maybe we should take up the barre (like ballerina barre not like becoming lawyers bar).

Good exercise, I really am not a Zumba girl (readers might not be on the whole) and then I came up with this title. Some of our best laid plans only seem that way after a few drinks and some not so great brainstorming.

For the reading part, we might also be attracted to watching other people’s train wrecks (or potential train wrecks) because we can live vicariously through them.

Middle aged lady bios that I might or might not want to make a note of;

The Story of Isabella Blow Blow By Blow By Detmar Blow

Memoirs of a Beatnik By Diane Di Prima

Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She? By Molly Ivins

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Opera Singing Princess working as a Starbucks Barista

So this really happened.  As with the best stories , they are the most true.

One of my favourite barista’s and I say that even though I get a Grande Mint Majesty tea with a tea bag on the side for later, (maybe I am not Starbucks target customer) – you think?

Back to the title here; The barista – who said I could post this, has taken singing lessons from an opera Singer, she works part time as a Princess for kids parties and fills in the gaps at Starbucks. And she probably has more life than what she shares with the friendly customer on the other side of the counter.

Just goes to show that we are all so many layers of people that it is just amazing to find out more and peel back the layers.

Even that annoying cashier when you just want to get through the line with your single bagel (if they don’t have self serve) is probably a structural engineer that decided to stay home and take care of the family and put up with judgmental customers like me when their kids are at school.

Reminds me so much of the books that peel back the layers of who some one really is or at least hidden parts to their story.

Some examples if you want to go digging for books;

The Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar By James Marcus Bach

The Tao of Bill Murray By Gavin Edwards

Insomniac City By Bill Hayes

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Dip into the shelves for a hot Monday

An extremely hot Monday in what should be the Fall Season is as good a time as any to dip into the book shelves and pull out the things that strike me.

It could be bibliomancy, it could be karma , it could be just the yen to not think too much about the reading choice for today at least.

Let’s begin. A surprising little paperback that I picked up last year that I have recommended to friends and they haven’t taken me up on it;

The Imaginary Girlfriend A Memoir By John Irving

A great snapshot of his writing style.  A must read that I don’t think ever made a bestseller list.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running A Memoir By Haruki Murakami

I have written about this book before.  It spun me off into a whole list of running books.  It is also a memoir.  What is it about peeping on people’s lives that I love so much?  The honesty, the variety, both of those reasons and more but, also extremely good writers are painters with words. A little bliss.

Last book on the list for today and  not a memoir in fact, I am not sure how I ended up with it; the fates must have a hand in it

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman By Angela Carter

This book is fiction and simplified synopsis; it’s about Dr Hoffman waging a war against human reason. The hero is writing his story of what happened and how he survived.  That is definitely way to simplified for this book.

I think the reader if he or she is anything like me; will have to go backwards and forwards a few times to get all of the nuances of this book. In all honesty it has been a  book that I have slipped little bits of paper into and grabbed up again off the shelf and started over from the beginning, ignoring the slips of notes.

That could be a sign of a good reading adventure.

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Reading as learning

I pre-ordered (which I rarely do) a copy of Nomadland by Jessica Bruder.

Woa , it has kept me busy and challenged to keep up.

Why do I keep getting myself into books that raise my hackles of Social Justice?

Karma is trying to tell me something.

Camper Force, Amazon, working poor, no such thing as retirement.  These would be my main takeaways but, I am only halfway through Ms Bruder’s book.  Taking a look at the America you may not hear about those things very often and these folks are not Roma Gypsies in the Hinterland they are people in the betwixt and between of mainland USA.

Unfortunately or fortunately when I am on this type of a reading tear I was also finishing off; In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate.

This is a tome about addiction but with a particular focus on Dr Mate’s work at the Portland Hotel in Vancouver BC.

eye opening, the other side of addiction, what is addiction really – oh my

To spin things about a bit I went back to Nadia Bolz-Weber’s  Accidental Saints and an online article about how your name directs what you will be in life.  I don’t have the name book, reading or even social justice any where in my 1st or last name so I guess I am the exception that makes the rule.

A little scattered post today but,

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I am in the middle of; The Realm of The Hungry Ghosts close Encounters with Addiction by Gabor Mate.

Such an amazing read but very tough on the psyche. I am a life longer learner and recently finished a course in addictions. Karmically, I finished the course a few months again and Shazam! this book appears at a thrift store in another town.

Some things are meant to be read. But, whether because I have undiagnosed ADD or the tough look at addictions I had to rummage through my book piles.

Here’s what I came up with;

Harold and Maude

The Immortal Game

Choosing Civility.
In this pile it seems we have;eccentrics, strategists and lessons in manners. What thread drew me in? Having slept on it, (all the best thoughts come in bed or the shower) the common thread is respect.

Practise it, expect it, demand it and of course if you want to sing a little Aretha Franklin at the same time, that would be okay too.
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